Festival programme


14 -15 August


18 August


19 August


20 August


21 August


22 August


15:00  Baltic Analog Lab


At the End of the World

Moderator: Tommaso Isabella (IT)

10:00-17:00 Baltic Analog Lab

By Other means for Other Ends 

Expanded cinema workshop with  Ojoboca (DE)

17:00 K. Suns

Lecture / film programme

Retrospection: Austrian Avant-garde

Curator:  Jānis Putniņš (LV)

18:00 Nurme Brewery

Film programme

Baltic Experimental

Curator: Ieva Balode (LV)

17:00 K. Suns

Film programme

Latvian Avant-garde Amateurs

Curator: Lāsma Bērtule (LV)

17:00   Nurme Brewery

Film programme

Remains to Be Seen

Curator: Erwin van 't Hart (NL)

20.00 Nurme Brewery

Festival opening

Audio-visual performance with Baltic Analog Lab in collaboration with Elvijs Endelis (LV)

 (Free entry)

20:00  Nurme Brewery

Film programme

The World’s  Aperture

Curator: Tommaso Isabella  (IT)

20:00  Nurme Brewery

Film programme

Nonstop Transport

Curator:  Lāsma Bērtule (LV)

20:00  Nurme Brewery


External Shudders  / Ojoboca (DE)

Ebb and Flow / LiChun Tseng, Robert Kroos (TW/NL)

Taran /Rouš Šmitmajer / Tmal (CZ)

23:00   Afterparty with Samopal Sound System (LT)

20:00   Nurme Brewery

Film screening

Autumnal Sleeps

Michael Higgins (IE)

2019, 75’min

(Q&A with author)

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