Wednesday, 17 May 20:00, Vagonu Hall


Welcome to the opening night of the fifth PROCESS! After the introduction to the festival's programs and artists, an audiovisual piece produced in a workshop by students of the current BAL film school will kick off the festival. In the workshop, run by Lynn Loo and Guy Sherwin, people will experiment with several methods for creating abstract images directly on film as well as for using 16mm projectors as real-time performance instruments. Following the “noise spectrum” theme of this year's festival,  the optical sound track will be of particular interest.

Mixmaster AG will play and mix vinyl tracks later on!

17-20 May, 17:30-00:00, Bar 1983



Everything Comes Full Circle. Lilan Yang

16mm film loop installation

Traveling from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California, I used a 16mm Bolex camera to capture the vastness of the American West. The footage draws me to reminisce about snippets of my everyday life. I contemplate how we perceive the world through analog optical apparatuses and how memories are multidimensional yet fragile. Our recollections of people and places can be distorted, unrecognizable, and fictitious. These memories would eventually diminish with the passing of time. Everything Comes Full Circle is a personal attempt to remember things that will soon be forgotten.

The original footage was shot in Kodak 16mm film stocks during the summer of 2021. Later the digital moving images were inkjet printed on clear film spliced together with perforations cut out with a laser cutter. Each run of the projection makes the printer ink slowly melt, and the film will eventually fall into decay over the course of time.

Born and raised in Chongqing, China, Lilan Yang is an artist, cinéphile, and flâneuse whose practice involves both digital and analog media such as computing, data visualization, machine learning, photography, and filmmaking. Her artistic practice focuses on how we perceive the world through analog optical apparatus compared to digitally shared media, how memories can be multidimensional and fragile, and our recollections of people and places can be distorted, unrecognizable and fictitious. She holds a BS in Computer Engineering from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MFA in Digital + Media from Rhode Island School of Design.

Between Us. Elīna Matvejeva

Video installation

Sometimes I have this strange feeling that the world isn't what it looks like. People talking about time, trying to be in time, in places... Have you ever done time traveling? My feelings are so strong that I can feel you even if you are somewhere else. Even if I don't know you. Perhaps this is the wrong place to be. I close my eyes, take a breath, jump… and then it’s different. I want to show you my little visual thoughts about us. About us who go somewhere, who stay, who are strangers, lovers, rich ones, sad ones. Let’s take a walk in a timeless space, no horizon.

Elīna Matvejeva is a cinematographer, video artist and filmmaker from Riga, Latvia, exploring experimental and narrative cinema fields and analog and digital media. As a cinematographer she has worked on several documentaries and short films, as well as television projects, and is now finishing her first feature film. As a video artist she has done theater and dance projects, art exhibits and video performances. Since 2017 she is a member of Baltic Analog Lab and focusing on the analog format. She holds a BA in cinematography from RISEBA University and is currently approaching an MA in Audiovisual Art at the Latvian Academy of Culture.

Sunday, 21 May 14:00, Baltic Analog Lab




A discussion with artists working in expanded cinema on the specificities of their approaches to this embodied, ephemeral strand of experimental moving image practice. What happens when the cinema machine is used like an instrument, when disembodied, mechanical precision is reconfigured through chance and human intervention? How does expanded cinema challenge and reconfigure the cinematic dispositif?


With participants of Process Expanded program

Moderated by Ulrich Ziemons

17 and 20 May

DJ Sets

17 May 21:30, Nurme Taproom

Afterparty with Mixmaster AG

Mixmaster AG is one of the pioneers of hip-hop culture in Latvia - an old-school DJ master, active since the end of 80's. Disco mixing, Latvian Beat, Universal Groove Music and real Funk from the old records.

Saturday, 20 May 23:00, Bar 1983

Afterparty with Radio Intervilnis

Dark wave / post punk / minimal synth from vinyl records, played by Stropu Jurka.

Mixmaster AG

Mixmaster AG

Stropu Jurka

Stropu Jurka

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    Mixmaster AG

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